BGA rework station to repair adjacent BGA, how to avoid secondary soldering during removal and solde


How to avoid secondary soldering during removal and soldering when the BGA rework station is repaired. The following is a case study of the company's actual operation. How to avoid the secondary soldering during the repair and repair of the adjacent BGA.

Punctuation 1.jpg A large server produced by a customer has two BGAs with a BGA pitch of 4 mm above 35*35mm, using a BGA with lead-free solder balls, and SMT is a lead process. At first, the customer used a certain brand BGA rework station in the United States. When the bad BGA was repaired, it would cause the adjacent BGA to be re-melted, which would make the bad BGA rework impossible.

Punctuation 1.jpg for the above problems customers have put forward the following requirements for our company: BGA rework station welding temperature should be between 225-230 °C, adjacent BGA solder ball temperature can not exceed 200 °C; Figure 1 below is to set VT-360 The unique heating system of the BGA rework station can meet the requirements of customers.

Figure 1:


Figure 2 below shows that the temperature difference between the two BGAs can be pulled above 60 °C by adding the unique fixture of the company, away from the critical point of the process.

Figure 2崴泰科技BGA返修台温度曲线图

The company successfully returned to the large server BGA provided by the company through the use of the 崴BGA rework station VT-360. 

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